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BandSwap: Live Music and More

BandSwap is a program that connects musicians from progressive cities around the U.S. with new fans, creating a year-round national network of touring opportunities, professional industry contacts and community support for emerging artists.

But it’s also much, much more.


  • Sends 7 Colorado bands to play shows with partner bands in 7 different BandSwap cities in late September
  • Brings these bands and┬átheir partners back to Colorado for a series of shows and events in early October
  • Enlists academic, music industry contacts and municipalities to create networking and education opportunities in each city
  • Invites innovators in select cities to present their products and ideas during the program (via InnovationSwap)
  • Shines a spotlight on the unique cultural attributes that are integral to the creative climate in each city
  • Tells the story of these cities, their artists and their culture through a compelling national media campaign
  • Creates an ongoing collective economic impact through the fusion of art, innovation, education and inspiration

Created by SpokesBUZZ, a Colorado music nonprofit, BandSwap sets the stage for connecting like-minded communities through innovative cultural opportunities.

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