In the music business — just like in any business — it’s all about who you know. AND what you know. AND how to get to know the people who can teach you what you need to learn AND introduce you to the people you need to meet AND … it can all feel pretty overwhelming, especially in unfamiliar territory.

Industry contacts and continuing education can create the magic that makes it all work for emerging artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. SynchroniCITY at BandSwap provides networking and educational opportunities through a series of parties, panels and performances designed to remove roadblocks and enhance connectivity.

SynchroniCITY party participants can expect to meet with local musicians, music industry professionals, academic ambassadors and representatives from the municipalities hosting the events to forge lasting connections, both within the community and across the BandSwap network of cities. Sometimes serendipity needs a little shove — SynchroniCITY at BandSwap helps uncover opportunities and accelerate alliances in a friendly setting that includes food, drinks and fun.

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